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SEO, the most important three letters that impact your business’s online success.
SEO Management & Development Service

SEO Management & Care Plans
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Our affordable SEO services in Plettenberg Bay is the perfect way for you to get your business’s rankings up. We offer affordable SEO care plans and website SEO plans to get your website ranking better than your competitors. Remember your competitors are not neglecting their SEO so this should be your main drive to ensure and secure your place on Google.


With our SEO management services as a core part of your SEO strategy, you can push back against competitors, keep your pages competitive and make sure your website adds value to customers.

Why is SEO – Search Engine Optimization so important?

SEO helps drive traffic to your website and improves natural or organic search rankings. To ensure your site is found, you must stay on top of search engine optimization (SEO), this will ensure your site holds its own on search engine results pages (SERPs). By ranking higher on search pages, you will increase your click-through rate (CTR), which will lead to higher rankings.


Doing research about your industry and brand allows me to build a project plan for implementation, effectiveness and success. Improving your websites search engine ranking is my main aim. Although I spend a lot of time ensuring that your website has an effective SEO strategy to increase page ranking, I also need to stress the importance of an online presence. Getting your name and website out there will drive relevant traffic to your business’s website.

If you have a website but no one can find it, does it really exist?

We offer your business knowledgeable SEO services in Plettenberg Bay. Over the years we have created a few steps to ensure the design process has a clear direction.



It is very important to supply as much information as possible about a certain product in a clean, concise, manner. Giving your customer enough information will lead to them feeling confident in purchasing your product or service.


On the other hand, not paying enough attention to product or services information will lead to your customer feeling uncertain and not completing their order. A simple example of caring about your customers’ needs would be; letting them know when an out of stock item is available again, this way they will less likely go elsewhere.



Making your check out process as easy and effective as possible will lead to a happy user.

Giving them shipping options to choose from gives them the power to decide how long they are willing to wait.



All sites will have a payment confirmation page that will pop up to confirm your client’s purchase and an email confirmation to set them at ease. Each sold item will have tracking assigned to it and your customers will be able to track their order on your site with their login details.

    • SEO Care Plans & Complete Website SEO catered to your budget
    • Each care plan is designed espesially for your business
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Succinct SEO services in Plettenberg Bay. Receive your FREE SEO QUOTE and we’ll get your website ranking better in Google.

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SEO, Analytics & Marketing

Understanding your clients online
behavior is of the utmost importance,
if you want to market your product or service.


While SEO ensure your site turns up in search
engines, your analytics reports will help you
understand your clients better, while they are
using your website.