Goshen Snail Farm

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Goshen Snail Farm


Goshen Snail farm is a family-based snail farm and they are passionate about producing high-quality escargot snails to the rest of South Africa. Goshen Snail farm is located in the heart of Eden, Western Cape of South Africa.

Their top priority is to take good care of their snails from the sorting of eggs to the time they’re ready to leave. They deliver an excellent product to their customers with a team of professional with years of snail knowledge, their snails are kept happy and safe while on the farm. Goshen snails are of premium quality, the bloodline is of that from AfroFarma, Greece.


The Project Brief:

Goshen Snail farm wanted to get their business online as well as offer their customers and fellow snail farmers the option to purchase escargot, caviar and farm related products online. Their brief was to have a farm feel with a clean and professional undertone for their website design that would allow them to showcase some of their premier escargot products and snail farming information. A revamp was also completed on their old logo to fit in with their fresh new online presence and website design.


Goshen Snail Farm | Farming Industry

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October 24, 2020

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